System Assessments & Project Management Services

System Assessments & Project Management Services

Informed Decisions with Minimal Disruption

Are you dis-satisfied with your core or one of your other major technology vendors? When service levels decline or your vendor is not keeping up with your customer needs, it may be time to review your options. When that time comes, if you need a team with expertise and a strong methodology to help you efficiently make the decision, consider Remedy.

The Remedy team has worked with nearly every core vendor that services banks and credit unions. What we have found is that it is difficult to define which vendor is right for a client based on a vendor demonstration and vendor-provided references.

We ask the right questions to ensure our clients can rank their prospect vendors and make an informed decision with the least amount of disruption to day-to-day operations of your financial institution.

Outsourcing Advisory

If you have been considering moving your core or other technology out of your building and instead having it supported in an outsourced (cloud) environment, there are many factors to consider. Your auditor has likely already identified disaster recovery and security concerns with managing your technology inside your building.

What about other factors, like functionality limitations you may face when you move to an outsourced environment? What will you pay compared to what you pay today? If you decide to keep systems like check processing or your image storage in-house, will you experience any problems if your core is hosted elsewhere?

The Remedy team has the right experience to help you through the transition. We know which questions to ask and can help you understand the risks and benefits before you decide to make the move. We meet with your Sr. Management team and Board of Directors to answer any questions they may have before deciding to make the move.


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