Professional Speaking

Professional Speaking

Relevant Banking Industry Educational Content

Remedy's experts are prepared to speak at industry or association events, provide webinar content, or join in-person or virtual meeting discussions. We can assist financial institutions with strategizing and organizing executive retreats. We understand our niche market and provide relevant educational content to our clients.

Charlie Kelly, Partner, and the presenter of the BankTalk Podcast is our featured speaker at Remedy Consulting. He currently gives talks on the following topics:

  • Understanding and Increasing Debit Interchange Revenue
  • Digital Trends for Millennials and Gen Z
  • Do-it-Yourself Core Systems Selections
  • Things to Know Before Your Next Core Negotiation
  • Is your Technology Plan in Sync with your Strategic Plan?
  • Making the Decision to Migrate from an In-House to an Outsourced Platform
  • A non-biased Technology Assessment: What is it good for?
  • Getting to the Next Level with Technology: What do you need to have to grow revenue?
  • What you should know about Payments
  • Demystifying Fintechs and Banking as a Service (BaaS)
  • A Revenue Strategy for your Digital Tools
  • Lessons Learned during a Systems Selection
  • Digital Transformation - Where to Spend Your Time and Money?
  • Five Ways to Work Better with your Core Vendor
  • Does Your Digital Strategy Need a Tune-up?

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