Technology Contract Negotiation

Technology Contract Negotiation

Keeping Your Financial Institution Competitive

When speaking with a future customer, the first thing they often want to know is whether they are paying a fair price for the services they are being provided by their vendor. This is an important question, and understanding if you are paying competitive rates is critical to keeping your financial institution competitive. The Remedy team is packed with experience, having negotiated over 700 core contracts and many more peripheral technology contracts.

The next question we get is whether the proposed contract remains competitive for the duration of the contract term? Your contract has been written by the vendor, so what is important that is not currently in our agreement? What do we need to do to improve the terms and conditions being requested by the vendor?

Getting You the Best Deal

Remedy's Price Repository contains all previous deals negotiated by Remedy. We analyze our client's rates against deals negotiated in the previous 24 months, looking for common criteria, such as the size of the financial institution and the set of services purchased, among others.

If we do not feel that our client is receiving market-based pricing in their current contract, we ensure that they are treated fairly when they renew. For clients that are changing providers, whether that be Core, Digital, Payments, Item Processing, Cards, or any other significant vendor-provided service, Remedy has the expertise to negotiate your best deal.


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