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What our clients say about us and our services are very important to us in the consulting industry. If you engage with Remedy Consulting, we will provide a full reference list beyond client testimonials. Additional client testimonials are available via request.

Client Testimonial

Jeff Bashaw, President/CEO of Enterprise Credit Union (Brookfield, WI) provides a video testimonial of working with Remedy Consulting with a vendor invoice dispute and vendor management. Remedy was able to provide leverage like a larger credit union when working with core vendor that helped Enterprise achieve significant cost savings.

Why Remedy Consulting

As a community banker, I have been partnering with Remedy Consulting and Brian Hink for over two years and I am very impressed with their technology services. They have successfully negotiated core and digital contracts for Piedmont Federal, improved terms and conditions, conducted strategic technology reviews for our board of directors, supported us in M&A deals, and aligned the best banking technologies with our overall digital strategy. Remedy has shown their skills, professionalism, and agility in every project. They have also given me useful insights and suggestions that have enhanced our business performance and efficiency. Remedy Consulting and Brian Hink are versatile and reliable technology partners that I highly recommend.

Doug Stewart, CIO
Piedmont Federal Savings Bank, Winston-Salem, NC

Remedy Consulting was able to save us a considerable amount of money on our core contract renewal. We were able to change to tiered pricing that will help with the core expenses as our bank customer base grows. Brian at Remedy was able to improve our terms & conditions within the contract to be in favor of the bank. Overall, we were impressed with the services and savings by Remedy. If you are looking for a partner for contract negotiations, I strongly recommend Remedy Consulting.

Steven K. Brunton, President & CEO
Fowler State Bank, Fowler, IN

Going into our core contract renewal with Fiserv, we had two important problems we needed assistance with: 1) a critical product was being sunset by the vendor and we needed a new reasonably priced solution and 2) our contract was approaching the renewal window. Remedy Consulting was our selected partner based on pricing, their experience and timing. The team at Remedy Consulting provided us with the best outcome possible. We saved a significant amount of money for the size of our bank and walked away with a new product that fits our size and scope. I would highly recommend Remedy Consulting, to other banks, based on their knowledge and experience of vendor processes, pricing and contractual language. The process only required about 5 hours of bank staff time over the 3 month project which allowed us to focus on other priorities. We are very pleased with the service provided by Remedy.

Lindsay Spitzer, COO
Bluff View Bank, Galesville, WI

The Bank of Monticello had two goals during our core contract negotiation: 1) decrease prices paid to core vendor and 2) favorable contract terms and conditions for the bank. Our bank trusted Remedy Consulting as they have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding pricing. As partners, we moved our current pricing to that reflected in the overall market and gave our bank the competitive advantage we were seeking. In the end, the process spearheaded by Remedy, took approximately 4 months and allowed bank management to focus on our “day-to-day jobs.” Remedy was able to achieve much more than our expectations including significantly lower rates and contract language that much more favorable to the bank. We were extremely impressed with the project management and professionalism shown by the Remedy Team. Bank of Monticello would recommend Remedy to other financial institutions looking for very personalized customer service and those looking for positive return on investment percentages during core contract negotiations.

Walker Jordan, President
Bank of Monticello, Monticello, GA

Cornerstone Bank thanks Remedy Consulting as a strategic partner in core contract negotiation. Brian, Project Manager, streamlined the process of our core vendor renewal and advised us as to the new technologies that we could continue/implement and still receive a cost reduction on our five-year contract. We are happy to highly recommend Brian and Remedy Team for system selection and contract negotiation in our industry. Working with Remedy gave us a competitive advantage during negotiations and now with other local community banks nearby.

John Doull, President
Cornerstone Bank, Overland Park, KS

We wanted to ensure our pricing and contract terms were in line with those of other financial institutions. Remedy had the tools and knowledge to help us out. The process, from beginning to end, lasted about 4 months. Remedy took care of all the negotiations and simply kept us apprised of where the negotiations were at and how they were going.

Remedy was able to achieve significant cost savings for the bank, which will extend for several years into the future. Remedy’s professionalism allows it to negotiate favorable contract terms and cost savings without damaging the working relationship with the software vendor.

Ben Hansen, CEO
RSNB Bank, Rock Springs, WY

Our organization was engaged in a negotiation with our core provide for a contract renewal. Although we were already well into the process, I made the decision to hire Remedy because I felt the negotiations were taking too long and consuming too much of my management team’s time.

Remedy’s commitment and communication in helping us achieve a renewal contract that was beneficial to our organization was exemplary.

I was amazed with the results they were able to achieve and how quickly they were able to complete the project. I had a very positive experience working with Remedy. I highly recommend them and will likely use their services in the future.

Josh Hoppes, CEO
Mutual Savings Association, Leavenworth, KS

Our two biggest goals during our contract negotiation were price and contract terms and conditions. We felt Remedy had the most experience regarding pricing and made the decision to empower them to evaluate ours to that of the market. “After completing one renewal on your own, it was evident that market pricing information was necessary for an effective negotiation,” said Amy Johnson, Chief Operations Officer. “Remedy was able to provide that plus other contract information that made for a positive renewal.” In the end, the process, spearheaded by Remedy, took only four months and allowed bank management to focus on our “day jobs.” Remedy was able to achieve more than our expectations, including significantly lower rates. Although our contract language was favorable, Remedy was able to make subtle improvements for the bank.

Amy Johnson, COO
Dairy State Bank, Rice Lake, WI

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