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May 24, 2022

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM CST

Do It Yourself Core Vendor Selections

Between 8-10% of banks and credit unions annually review whether their core system is robust enough to help them support their customer base and grow their business. A Core Systems Selection, as covered in this session, is the process that the organization goes through to determine if it is time to migrate to a new core platform.

For Financial Institutions (FI’s) that do not have the internal resources to do this themselves, there are a handful of consulting organizations that can outsource the systems selection process. Some FI’s just want to complete their own systems selection, either because they can’t afford an outside consultant, or they just want better control of the process internally.

This session will give financial institutions a peek inside how one systems selection consultant organizes the selection process, from the initial gap analysis through RFP, vendor scoring, and ultimately negotiating a contract.

Whether your FI’s is in the process of changing out your core vendor, or any of your other major IT providers, this session should provide insight into how to organize your process should you opt to “do-it-yourself”.

Who Should Attend? COO’s, CIO's, CFO’s, Executives engaged in vendor RFP process.

Charlie Kelly - Partner, Remedy Consulting
Karen Lowerr - Director, Marketing & Operations, Remedy Consulting

Jul 20, 2022

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM CST

5 Things to Know Before Your Next Core Negotiation

When you sit down for your next core vendor negotiation, wouldn’t you like to know what is going on behind the scenes at the vendor? If you knew the internal workings of the vendor and how close your rate was to the rates your competitors are paying, you have enough to negotiate a “win-win” deal that both you and the vendor would be happy with?

Who Should Attend? COO’s, CIO's, CFO’s, Senior Management

Charlie Kelly - Partner, Remedy Consulting

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